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Northern Drivetrain 00165
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Rockwell 1410/1480 flange to Tube Yoke Adapter
Can adapt to 1310, 1330, 1350, 1410, 1480, 3R, 7260, 7290 series

This tube yoke adapter allows the building of a flange yoke with a forged weld yoke end and a billet steel flange with a typical Rockwell 2-1/2 ton pattern of 3.75 male pilot and 4.75 bolt circle. Any tube yoke designed to fit a 3.5 x .083 tube will work, but we have already found the most likely tube yoke to pair the adapter with depending on what u-joint size you would like to run:
1310 - SPI-2-28-427, max angle 20 deg.
1330 - SPI-2-28-1717, max angle 20 deg.
1350 - SPI-3-28-427, max angle 20 deg.
1410 - SPI-3-28-557, max angle 30 deg. (Flange Yoke SPI-3-2-429 can reach 30 deg, but is cast)
1480 - SPI-3-28-547, max angle 35 deg.
3R - NEA-N3R-28-427, max angle 21.5 deg.
7260 - RCV-R26-28-427
7290 - RCV-R29-28-427


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