This part's status is Obsolete
NEA-N3-4-0882-1X has been replaced by NDT-00117.
*** GM #26060882, AAM #74000882 (1355 series) ***

Neapco N3-4-0882-1X
Neapco N3-4-0882-1X Quantity in Basket: None
Code: NEA-N3-4-0882-1X
Price: $84.45


End Yoke Assy - Splined Bore
1350 series, Strap Style, 1.590x30 spline, 2.371 hub diameter

Our NDT-00117 can be used in place of this part. It is a u-bolt version, but has no slinger (the factory slinger will not interchange)

U-Joint Series     1350  
Spline Major Diameter     1.590  
Spline Count     30.000  
Spline Type     Involute  
Spline Pressure Angle     37.5 deg.  
Ground Hub Diameter   R   2.188  
Length Thru Bore   Q   1.630  
Centerline of Joint to End of Spline   S   3.950  
Universal Joint Retaining Width   E   3.622  
Universal Joint Bearing Diameter   D   1.188  
Counterbore Depth     0.000  
Joint Angle     0.000  
Style     Strap  
Compatible U-Joint Kits     SPI-5-178X,SPI-5-1350X,SPI-SPL30-1X  
U-Bolt or Strap Assembly     NEA-1-0020  
Bare Yoke part number (if assembly - included)      
Slinger Part Number (if assembly - included)      
Notes     Comes with 2.371 Dia sleeve  

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