*** If non-splined dust cap is desired, use SPI-D3F or SPI-D3A instead ***

Spicer D3G
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Dust cap kit

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U-Joint Series     1350/1410  
Dust Cap Part Number     SPI-3.5-14-39  
Dust Cap Type (S = Splined, R = Round)     Round  
Dust Cap Thread ID     1.781  
Dust Cap Hole Diameter     1.525  
Dust Cap Number of Teeth     0.000  
Dust Cap Length     0.750  
Washer Part Number     SPI-3-15-31  
Washer Type (S = Splined, R = Round)     Splined  
Washer OD     1.688  
Washer ID     1.406  
Washer Number of Teeth     16.000  
Seal Part Number     SPI-3-16-31  
Seal Type (S = Splined, R = Round)     Splined  
Seal OD     1.766  
Seal ID     1.375  
Seal Number of Teeth     16.000  
Seal Thickness     0.312  
Seal Material     CORK  

This part is used in the following assemblies or kits:

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SPI-3-3-1501KX - Slip Yoke -- In Stock, Our Price: $ 63.75
SPI-3-3-2591KX - Slip Yoke -- In Stock, Our Price: $ 111.99
SPI-3-3-4421X - Slip Yoke

This part contains the following parts:

SPI-3-15-31 - Dust cap washer
SPI-3-16-31 - Dust cap seal


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