Spicer 2-4-02009
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End Yoke - Splined Bore
1330 series, Strap Style, 1.146x26 spline, 1.496 hub diameter
Commonly used as the center yoke in 2 piece Toyota Tacoma driveshaft

Please note that the casting mark C2-4-2449 is NOT unique to this part, but C2-4-2449 AND Toyota application is.

The following parts may be used as alternates for this part:

Dana/Spicer 5002009 -- Obsolete
Powertrain Industries 3304-262 -- In Stock, Our Price: $ 40.18

U-Joint Series     1330  
Spline Major Diameter     1.146  
Spline Count     26.000  
Spline Type     Involute  
Spline Pressure Angle      
Ground Hub Diameter   R   1.496  
Length Thru Bore   Q   1.980  
Centerline of Joint to End of Spline   S   3.476  
Universal Joint Retaining Width   E   3.625  
Universal Joint Bearing Diameter   D   1.062  
Counterbore Depth     0.000  
Joint Angle     0.000  
Style     Snap Ring  
Compatible U-Joint Kits     SPI-5-213X,SPI-5-1330X,SPI-SPL25-1X  
U-Bolt or Strap Assembly      
Bare Yoke part number (if assembly - included)      
Slinger Part Number (if assembly - included)     SPI-5004797  
Notes     Coupling shaft yoke; Hub diameter not ground  
Cast/Forged     Cast  

Known Idenfiying Marks (Casting/Forging numbers, etc.):

 Mark Location
  C2-4-2449   Applies 2 Toyota Only - Other mfrs must ID by dims

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